Box Study

Final for Stop Motion class and study for DP

Box 12.11.10

Box 12.10.10

Box 12.08.10

Wire Sculpture- mid November

I made this kinetic wire sculpture, inspired by the work of Arthur Ganson, and tried animating it. I went to the MIT museum, which has most of Ganson's work at the moment, and I would definitely recommend visiting - so good.

Gear test, early October

Also from early October - trying to give the object some character

'breathe' test from early October

From early fall semester - I keep finding things that I forget to post so this stuff is sort of out of order.

Took the sheet of paper from my short film "Tectonic" and made it breathe


Box light tests 12.07.10

Some early, simple light tests with the box (still under construction)

DP class 12.07.10

A box ---- 12.06.10

Beginning construction of the set/sculpture for my stop motion final, and also for my degree project.


Nails 12.05.10

Got some scrap wood - had to remove all the nails

DP 11.30.10


pumpkin mold

Got a reverse lens adapter for my camera - some early tests on a moldy pumpkin I found in the stop-motion studio

Holiday Zoom

Animation using my first puppet

DP class 11.02.10